H&S 3D Model

Every project has its own, unique set of challenges.  Renovation adds another level of difficulty because of the increased likelihood of hidden conditions that will affect the project.  At H&S, we welcome the challenge that renovation projects bring because of our field staff’s long tenure in the construction industry.  We have combined our field staff’s field experience with the latest technology to turnover projects on time and under budget.  Our 3D model is used during every stage of the project.  From bidding to turnover, we use this technology to put subcontractors, architects, designers, engineers, and the owner on site every week to discuss the project.

Communication is key from Preconstruction to Maintenance-

Renovation- post demo, identify unexpected existing conditions, coordinate solution with owner/architect

Construction- Camera space weekly to show progress throughout project, ensure all team members are hitting milestones to maintain schedule

Determine if design features are what the client expected

More consistent end results

Turnover and long term-  as-built drawings are accompanied by the 3d model of the space, maintenance and renovation projects are simplified with exact field layouts of MEP elements hidden in walls

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